Transform Your Venue with Virtual Reality. 

We provide VR ready hardware, software and training
to help your venue incorporate virtual reality in a matter of days.


Industry Leading Synchronized playback solution

  • Client-Tested to more than 300 synchronized headsets

  • 8k Resolution Playback (180, 360, Stereo 180, Stereo 360)

  • No Wi-Fi Required

  • Glasses Friendly

  • 1 Operator with 1 Tablet controls whole fleet of HMDs

Easy 6 degrees of freedom for Arcades and Indie creators

  • Transform any Arcade to support 6DoF Multiplayer with our kit

  • UnitySDK make local multiplayer networking code-less

  • Up to 6 types of interactable Inter-world GameObjects.

  • CMS portal distribute experience from Unity to Arcade

  • No Backpack or PC required


Some of our Customers!


Team Rocket Mini Game powered by our sdk