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The Most Relaxing Break At Work


Our specially designed VR pod is crafted to be lightweight, elegant and provide the ultimate wellness retreat in only 10 minutes. Our designers have crafted whimsical scenes that whisk you and your employees away, helping them relax, focus and escape for a short period of time.

The MoodPod content has been tested across different office settings from corporations with hundreds of employees, small startups, government offices and co-working spaces. Our furniture is made to adapt to nearly every setting, putting your employee wellness first.


Ergonomic Design

The MoodPod has been built from the ground up, taking into consideration every single piece of design to emphasize comfort and style in the office space. The Pod is made from sustainable materials (Cotton, wood and aluminum) and has gone through a plethora of user tests to ensure your maximum comfort.


Proven Relaxing Content

Our in-house VR artists work with mindfulness experts to craft the most relaxing and engaging environments for your staff to escape in.

Guru’s Chamber allows you to jump into a peaceful forest-like world filled with the calming aura of fire-flies, deer and other natural beauty. This guided meditation takes you on a relaxing journey making you feel more at ease, confident and focused.

Planet Earth shows off beautiful scenes of the world, from space, natural beauty, animals and more we help you relax in unexpected and educational settings.

Brain Tank lets you step into leading novels, workplace books and self-improvement content. Pieces such as ‘From Zero to One’, ‘The Hard Thing About Hard Things’ and more help your workforce take a relaxing but educational pause throughout the day, growing their knowledge-base 10 minutes at a time. Go ahead, take a swim in our brain tank!

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We know wearing a virtual reality headset can be a self-conscious exercise and one of the biggest reasons people will not want to engage with the medium whatsoever. That’s why our custom pull-over hood design gives your workforce an air of privacy, concealing them from the world, making the MoodPod truly immersive, despite its small footprint.

The hood is also sound-proof, helping you fully escape without any distractions from the outside world.


The MoodPod Philosophy

EVERY DAY for 10 minutes = boost in morale, mental health and productivity. 

Prototyped in California and designed in Canada, our VR MoodPod can simply be described as an every-day wellness retreat for you and your team, meant to boost focus and morale anytime throughout the day. With its ergonomic design, small footprint and made-for-VR software, our MoodPod helps transform any space in your office into a peaceful retreat.

Our meditative content built in association with leading mindfulness trainers, helps relax your team, transporting them to serene beaches, picturesque natural landscapes and  beautiful temples. In only 10 minutes, our VR headset helps block out any distractions or stressful situations, helping encapsulate your team in pure meditative space, guiding them to breathe consciously, focus their mind and let go of any unwelcome feelings. Our mission is to help spread mindfulness and healthy minds to every office space. 


MoodPod Science

mindfulness and meditation help build focus, confidence and happiness. 

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