Transform Your Venue with Virtual Reality. 

We provide VR Theater-ready hardware, software and training
to help your venue incorporate virtual reality in a matter of days.

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Aquariums & Museums

We work with museums and aquariums of all sizes to complement the user's total learning. We curate and recommend content, working closely with local artists to help bring beautiful experiences built right at home.


Corporate Events

Working with companies such as J.P. Morgan we help setup pop-up style VR theaters, helping entertain your guests and communicate your corporate brand in a fresh, non-invasive way.
We can accommodate a theater as small as three people and grow to any number you require.


Large Venues 

Working with large venues, we help power virtual reality to thousands of customers per day. We work with top sports broadcasters, bringing beautiful virtual reality live-streams to your fanbase. We also power delightful venue-tours, helping create compelling content that shows the behind-the-scenes moments that keeps fans engaged and fiercely loyal to their team, artist or attraction.



Industry-Leading VR System.
 Crafted With Dozens of Venues.

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-We know that training staff with new software systems can be a show-stopper - especially with virtual reality.

-That's why we've engineered a system tested by dozens of operators, resulting in an elegant, streamlined and intuitive interface anyone can use.  

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Always-On Connection

-our specially designed system does not rely
on your wifi or internet connection.

-we bring our own system to run our dedicated wireless network, meaning the connection is always on, always stable and always fast.

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comfortable clean design & child-SAFE

-Our vr headsets are specially-ordered and designed for maximum comfort and use.

-the leather padding makes cleaning efficient and pain-free.

-the ergonomic design means that even children can easily put-on and remove  


If you’d like to outfit your venue with a VR experience, let us know!