VR Creation,
Distribution & Magic.

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Lumière is a full-fledged VR solution for
content creation & distribution.

We Power VR for Everyone. Everywhere.


Beautiful VR content
since 2015.

Spearheaded by award-winning filmmaker Jenny Guo, our VR studio-arm has garnered leading VR productions from groundbreaking storytellers and brands.

VR solution for
the office-spAce.

We have conceived a virtual reality system meant for any office space. With its minimal footprint and seamless interface, the MoodPod transforms hectic workspaces into wellness retreats and de-stress zones. 

industry-leading theater
software and setup.

Built with museums, aquariums and high-traffic areas in mind, our theater solution helps bring virtual reality to your venue. Our simple design, setup and maintenance package allows your visitors to indulge in VR.

The VR MoodPod.

Give your team a wellness retreat. In 10 Minutes. 


Rest & Relax.
In VR.

The MoodPod is an all-in-one  VR solution for the office space, allowing your team to get a quick dose of  R&R.

Scientifically-backed content helps restore employee wellbeing in only 10 minute sessions.

Invented in Canada. Designed in California. 


VR Theater Solution.

Easily deploy VR experiences  to your venue.


Hassle-free VR film setup and maintenance.  

Our theater solution has been developed in careful consideration of museum, aquarium and other educational venues' needs. 

-Wifi-less solution means no I.T. headaches.

-Films and headset viewings can be controlled by a sole operator.

- Child-friendly headsets and content means the whole family can enjoy VR.


Transport Your Customers with Immersive Content.

Our award-winning studio can help craft and achieve your vision.


Leading production since 2015.

Our award-winning filmmaker Jenny Guo leads our studio-arm, bringing creative vision to life through VR. 

-Lumiere works with top storytellers, helping bring bleeding-edge VR content to the forefront.

-Co-productions with Victoria's Secret, James Nestor and more. 

- 360VR, photogrammetry and proprietary workflows available.


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