Built in 2015, LumiereVR is a cross-border team based in Silicon Valley, Canada and China.

Our mission is to makes spaces come alive
through the power of virtual reality. 

Our Story since 2015
This company was founded on the principal of curiosity. The founders share diverse backgrounds that span multiple industry yet both were driven by passion for immersive content. Jenny was a filmmaker, but she’s also a diamond grader. She was born in Beijing but has lived in New York for a decade with experience in the fashion industry as well as in auction houses. Travis on the other-hand was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, studied bio-medical computing, but is also a Jazz musician and robotics hacker. Travis later brought on long term college friend and collaborator Jack from one of the largest Chinese VR companies, reinforcing Lumiere with unprecedented software chops. Eventually Lumiere would acquire an analytics company based in Montreal called Retinad, with it came it’s CEO Alex, a French Canadian who was also responsible building Non-Gaming VR, one of the biggest communities in San Francisco. Of course this list goes on, but these four characters were the primary pillars that built the foundation you see around you today. 



2018 and beyond
LumiereVR has seen a great deal of success in the past few years of operations. We’ve secured partnerships with Chinese Media Giants like IQIYI where we Co-Produced VR experiences for top grossing shows like Victoria Secret’s Road to Runway. We’ve established great relationships in the US for building VR Theaters in Aquariums and Museums as well as top Venues like Madison Square Garden. We’ve expanded beyond the United States and China and entered Canada, growing a killer tech team in Toronto. It looks like the blood and sweat from sleepless nights are finally turning into clear blue skies.

In the next year to come, Lumiere will continue expanding its healthy offering of VR cinema to more venues, but also explore single person experiences that are more easily integrated into more limited spaces. 2018 introduces the VR MoodPod, a brand new product line owning an unassuming footprint, able to insert itself in any office-space, helping workers escape a stressful day to relax for 10 minutes.

In the future we’d love to . combine some of our R&D work in photogrammetry and volumetric videos to build massive multiplayer free roam experiences, but for now we pave the way for adoption by integrating Virtual Reality into the everyday lives of the general public.

The LumièreVR Team Today